Arlette Delevallée


Arlette Delevallée is both a painter and a graphic artist. This artist who in the 70s joined the Solstice group, still harbors the same revolts. She fights against the various human conditionings (in French, the word for packaging is the same as conditioning). Thus, using this play on word, she integrates recycled packaging into her creations. Thermoforming and various packaging are “recycled” until her work is completed. Arlette Delevallée isn’t only about graphic art but also about texts, inseparable from each work.
Arlette Delevallée tells us “The titles I give my works are that many more clues about the message I’d like to convey. Primarily, it is a game I like to play with the spectator.”

Françoise Peltre has some things to say on this subject as well: “Shape and color express, in a caustic and playful way, the human cultural, social and biological conditionings and his refusal to be confined. Here, the words can’t go without the image and vice versa. Casually, the artist makes us think.”

J-P Cousin, La Marseillaise.