Arlette Delevallée studied Applied Arts at l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués in Paris and has been painting since the age of 20 . She is a retired tenured associate professor who taught Applied Arts to teachers in France’s national education system.

Her curiosity and love of research have lead her down many avenues of artistic creation, from theatrical set and costume design, to stage design, textile design, graphic design, choreography, audiovisual creation, painting and recycled art.

Her work has been displayed since the 60’s, in both solo and group exhibits for diverse events and shows. She was part of two essential and unique movements, “Solstice” and “Poisson D’or” (Goldfish). Her work can be seen in numerous public exhibition spaces and galleries in France, Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada, and is part of scores of private collections.

Fascinated by the relationships between light, space and time, she wields color passionately, both for its psychological effects and symbolic values.

As she says « My research has been long and passionate, meandering through figurativism and expressionism, colored by abstractionism, and always tinted with symbolism. My paintings today tell the story of these explorations, and often with a caustic sense of humor. »

Jean-Pierre Lorriaux
Director  galeries  "Artitude"

Traduction : Françoise Dubois